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Happy 70th Birthday

July 2018 marks the great milestone of the 70th birthday of the National Health Service. It is essential that Evolve, as a leading Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and MedTech Recruitment and CSO provider, stay abreast of industry changes, to enable us to provide insightful information to both our clients and candidates.

On the 5th of July 1948, the NHS was born. Aneurin Bevan, the Health Secretary at the time, had the aim to provide free medical, health and wellbeing services to all at the point of delivery. As the NHS celebrates this milestone, we think about the achievements and successes that it has accomplished over the past seven decades and wonder how much longer it can continue to go on.

Over the last 70 years, the NHS has adapted and evolved, pioneering new technological and medical advances in order to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of society. The NHS today has improved significantly, with enhanced treatments and better overall care for all its patients.

The NHS is constantly focusing on ways to improve. As part of the NHS70 celebrations, it reflects on its achievements and progresses, by assessing and analysing the key areas, including Primary Care and Diabetes, Mental Health, Cancer. By utilising the Five Year Forward plan, the NHS can emphasise on the parts that need to be addressed first, to make the service run more efficiently. For example; providing easier access to our local GPs, Obesity Clinics, as well as improvement in the early detection and prevention of illnesses.

Over the last seven decades, there has been a huge increase in population. Elderly people are living longer, and families are getting larger. Due to new and improved treatments, along with the technological and medical advancements, we are able to live longer and healthier lives. As a result, the strain on the NHS is continuing to rise.

Upon speaking with a Specialist Practice Nurse, who has been a part of the industry for 25 years, stresses the shortage in GPs and Practice Nurses. New schemes are being put into place to provide easier access to a career in Nursing. Along with Degree and Diploma level qualifications, the new ‘Nursing Associate’ schemes and apprenticeships enable a quicker and simpler recruitment process for the NHS, allowing first-hand experience working alongside Practice Nurses and Healthcare Professionals.

With the government plans looking positive, and rumours of a £20 billion pledge into the NHS, the future could be looking bright for our beloved institution. Providing sufficient funding into research, new medical advances and the utilisation of technology, the NHS may actually survive. If Bevan could see it now, he could be only proud of the heroic staff that work so hard to provide the excellent quality of care and services we receive.

At this time, it is as important now, as ever before, that Pharmaceutical companies tailor their approach, goals and priorities in line with those of the NHS, to provide a mutual benefit. 

If you are thinking of moving to a new role within the pharmaceutical or healthcare sector, trust the Evolve team to help you every step of the way towards getting your dream job. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that you get the very best position for your abilities. 

Evolve take great pride in providing quality personnel for the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Healthcare industries, as well as providing staff for Outsourced Contract Solutions. Contact us on 0113 457 0777 to discuss your recruitment needs, or email us at recruitment@evolvecouk.com

Happy 70th Birthday thumbnail

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