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NHS Changes from April 2017

With a period of change on the horizon within the NHS, Evolve have put together a comprehensive summary of changes and how these changes may affect the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry across the UK. 

As the leading independent recruitment agency and CSO for sales, marketing and clinical opportunities, we support our clients in the necessary adaptations of their commercial functions to ensure success selling products in the new NHS. 


Sustainability and Transformation Plans, otherwise known as STPs are 5 year plans covering all aspects of NHS spending across England, aimed at improving NHS services and health outcomes for people. This incorporates quality of care delivery and sustainable finances. 

They are made up of bodies including: NHS England, NHS Improvement, The Care and Quality Commission (CQC), Health Education England and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), CCGs, Chief Executives of NHS Trusts, Local Government Senior Leaders and Clinicians.

Each proposal has been drawn up based on the needs of each local area, depending on the challenges across different parts of the country; 44 geographical areas across the UK, also known as footprints.

There seem to be 3 main headline issues across each footprint: Improving quality and developing new models of care; improving health and wellbeing; and improving efficiency of services.

These plans have been introduced in an attempt to help the NHS deal with an expected £22 billion hole in its budget by 2020. As life expectancy increases, due to better and more efficient treatment options, so do the ailments of old age, resulting in higher NHS spending.

The plans are due to commence as of April 2017.

Changes which will be brought about due to STPs

STPs will bring about many changes to the way in which the NHS operates, here are a few of the key points:

More care will be provided in the community, placing a great emphasis on disease prevention and keeping patients out of hospital, thus reducing costs.

Patients across the different footprints seem to have similar thoughts regarding the changes which they feel need to be made, these include: 

  • Speed up diagnosis, particularly in cancer,
  • Make it easier to see a GP
  • Offer help faster to people with mental ill-health.

Many of the service providers are set to be merged, resulting in certain changes such as cutting the number of Commissioners and CCGs will be encouraged to commission services across the entire care pathway from Primary to Secondary Care.
One of the main functions of these plans is to bring care out of hospital settings and back in to the community, with home care. Specialist nursing and support will be made available for patients in care homes, rather than in hospital beds. 

How will the changes affect Pharma and Healthcare companies? 

All of the above changes are sure to have an impact on Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Healthcare organisations into the NHS marketplace.

Companies will need to arm their selves with the objectives and aspirations set out by the 44 footprints, as individuals, to gain focus on budgetary objectives, burden of diseases and who their key customers will be in each particular area.

They must ensure to offer products which can demonstrate value across the board, as it may become more difficult for Pharma to get new and expensive products taken up, so the key is to demonstrate that NHS savings will be made in the long term. Reps need to work cohesively with clinicians, to develop business cases to present to payors, in the instance where drugs have been blocked by the prescribing committee. Companies can provide assistance in things such as clinical trials, population impact and the cost saving which could be made across the whole patient journey.

Opportunities must be realised by identifying gaps in service provision and working with stakeholders and clinicians to fill them.

Companies will need to be able to define how and where their products will fit along the patient pathway, and must work alongside the NHS and STPs, to help them fill their objectives which have been set out, based on the local needs and plans. This could incorporate things such as joint working projects.

If you are thinking of moving to a new role within the pharmaceutical or healthcare sector, trust the Evolve team to help you every step of the way towards getting your dream job. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that you get the very best position for your abilities. Call Evolve  now on 0113 457 0777 or email us at recruitment@evolvecouk.com

NHS Changes from April 2017 thumbnail

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